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PDF Icon The QBC - May 2008
More on Budgeting - If you don’t have your budget in place yet, we’ll show you how to get started!

PDF Icon The QBC - April 2008
QuickBooks job tracking feature - How you can use job tracking to allocate revenue and expenses to jobs, track billable charges, and establish budgets for your jobs.

PDF Icon The QBC - March 2008
Easily Analyze payroll transactions using Excel - Excel-based reports give you more options beyond the built-in reports within QuickBooks when you need to analyze or audit your payroll figures. Read more to find out how!

PDF Icon The QBU - February 2008
Network: Several users working in the same company file - How to set up QuickBooks multi-user access on your company’s network in simple language that you can understand!

PDF Icon The QBU - January 2008
Measure inventory in multiple Units of Measure - Allow multiple units of measurement per inventory item… find out how!

PDF Icon The QBU - December 2007
Track your loans - QuickBooks' Loan Manager will help you to set up loans, schedule payments, and track loan balances!

PDF Icon The QBU - November 2007
Use estimates in your QuickBooks file - we’ll show you how they can benefit your company - regardless of your industry!

PDF Icon The QBU - October 2007
Create a Business Plan - With help from the QuickBooks built-in tool:  The Business Planner

PDF Icon The QBU - September 2007
Encourage Your Customers to Pay on Time - How to assess finance charges

PDF Icon The QBU - August 2007
Sales Tax:  Avoid Expensive Mistakes - How to charge and pay sales tax.

PDF Icon The QBU - July 2007
Grow Your Business!  Reach potential customers right through QuickBooks!

PDF Icon The QBU - June 2007
Time Tracking - Learn the ins and outs of tracking time

PDF Icon The QBU - May 2007
Letter Templates - Go a step beyond QuickBooks' existing letter templates

PDF Icon The QBU - April 2007
Job Costing - Allocate your work into jobs and analyze job profitability!

PDF Icon The QBU - March 2007
Vehicle Mileage - Accurately track your company vehicle's mileage in QuickBooks

PDF Icon The QBU - February 2007
Budgets - Set up a budget for your company with help from QuickBooks

PDF Icon The QBU - January 2007
Bonuses - Reward employees with bonuses and fringe benefits - and report them correctly!

PDF Icon The QBU - December 2006
Refunds - Handling a refund check quickly and correctly

PDF Icon The QBU - November 2006
Class Tracking - Break down your financial statements so you can compare smaller subsets of your business - it's easy with QuickBooks' class feature!

PDF Icon The QBU - October 2006
Quarterly Payroll Reporting - Stress-free tips for wrapping up each quarter's payroll tasks

PDF Icon The QBU - September 2006
More on Cleaning Up Data File - (we recommend that you contact us before using this feature) Clean out dusty records and transactions you don't need anymore!

PDF Icon The QBU - August 2006
Tracking Paid Time Off - Automatically track accrued vacation and sick time for employees

PDF Icon The QBU - July 2006
Online Banking - Take some of the tedium out of reconciling bank statements - and also lessen the chance for human error - by importing your bank statements directly from your bank's website

PDF Icon The QBU - June 2006
Modify Reports - Modify line items before you print a report with help from Excel.

PDF Icon The QBU - May 2006
Clean Up Company Data - (we recommend that you contact us before using this feature) Clean up your QuickBooks Data and keep just the information you need

PDF Icon The QBU - April 2006
Memorized Transactions - No need to enter the same data over and over again!  Save data entry time and make the process of paying bills easier.

PDF Icon The QBU - March 2006
Finding Bills/Bill Payments - Where is that transaction?  How to easily find transactions in QuickBooks.

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"Char has always been willing to go the extra mile to get the job done right while keeping a great attitude as challenges arise."
Bonnie J Nagayama, CPA, McWilliams & Associates Inc/

"Hi Char, thank you so much!  You are excellent - in fact, I gave your number to another person who is looking for someone like you, hope it works out.  I think you are great, professional and awesome!"
Jill Olivares, Owner, Jill Olivares Insurance Services/

"Gold Coast Ironworks is a fairly new small company.  We asked Warinner Consulting to help us set up our accounting practices, and to provide training to office employees.  We selected QuickBooks to use as our accounting software and Char proved herself to be very knowledgeable about the software and how to help us apply it to our daily use.  I have already recommended her to others and will continue to do so."
Rich McFerron, Owner/Operations Manager, Gold Coast Ironworks/